A downloadable game for Windows

I was discussing with someone how Java by itself is relatively atrocious for making games. In order to demonstrate my point, I created this little puzzle/platformer game. I'll keep updating it over the summer because I found it to be somewhat fun. I'm also using this to introduce me to how itch.io works. I'll be uploading a motley of games here in the future.


AWSD to move.

You can click within the shaded blocks to place a small, solid player block (it's blue).

Black platforms are solid. White platforms move up and down. Dark gray platforms fall when you stand on them. Yellow platforms burn you slowly. Red platforms burn you quickly. Orange platforms burn you and fall. Gold platforms are you end goal.

Install instructions

It's an executable jar. JRE 7 or 8 is needed to run it (Java).


Jamalie.jar 120 kB